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Tofino 1st Class Fishing

Family and senior friendly. Galley with fridge. Bathroom. Boston Whaler safety. Local guide Bjorn Banke born and raised in Clayoquot Sound. Nicest charter boat in Tofino! Tofino, BC. 250-726-6477

HYMAX Charters

Professional local fishing guides: salmon, halibut and tuna, set crab and prawn traps. Return to Tofino ready for a BBQ. Whale and bear watching and hot springs trips. Tofino. 250-266-0147

Tofino Fish Guides

Premium saltwater and unique freshwater fishing. Professional guides, exemplary service. Luxury vessels equipped with high quality fishing gear. Supporting BC fish protection. Tofino. 877-537-6444

Cleanline Sportfishing Tofino

Premium charters, fully guided and outfitted, local knowledge and passion for the sport, attention to comfort and safety of our clients. Saltwater and freshwater fishing. Tofino. 855-726-3828

Atleo Air Charters

Tofino’s only locally owned and operated airline: scenic flights, hot springs, whale, bear watching, remote camping, surfing, fishing, custom tours. Friendly and professional. Tofino. 250-725-2205

Tranquil Accommodations

Luxurious Tofino home; three bedrooms, kitchen, open living room, fireplace, wifi, fireplace TV, DVD surround, private hot tub. Total relaxation. $150-450 per night. Tofino, BC. 877-725-2206

Tofino Salmon Conservation

1% For the Fish

A Tofino Fishing Charter Fleet Salmon Conservation Initiative
Tofino Fishing Charter Fleet 1% for the Fish: A local Salmon Conservation Initiative

A grass roots, local Tofino fishing charter operator initiative has been headed by local owner/operators aimed at raising funds and awareness to improve the sustainability and rehabilitation of local Clayoquot Salmon populations. A few of us in Tofino that share a similar environmental conscience and feel a binding responsibility to start raising funds and awareness to help improve local Tofino salmon stocks for future generations.

1% of profits or revenues to be put towards recognized stewardship initiatives

The 1% for the Fish program allows any charter operator or local business to contribute 1% of profits or revenues to be put towards recognized stewardship initiatives such as the Tofino Salmon Enhancement Society and the Clayoquot Salmon Round Table. 

Although we, as sportfishing anglers, celebrate when the oceans are brimming with salmon, not all rivers offer the same production levels as some of the runs we enjoy fishing for through out the season. Despite other systems being extremely productive in recent years, the reality is that certain salmon stocks, namely Clayquot Sound chinook salmon, have been hard hit because of a variety of factors over the last 100 years or more.

Climate change, historic fishing pressures, mal-practice of clear cut logging and the unknowns of salmon farming and fish disease implications may or may not all play a cumulative role in dwindling local chinook stocks. Although there has been accountable sportfishing regulations to restrict the impact on local stocks, the reality is that some rivers still need to identify plausible and substantiated limiting factors causing their decline.

Local Tofino Fish Protection Organizations

On a positive note, groups like the Tofino Salmon Enhancement Society have contributed endless volunteer hours through community initiatives and their hatchery production and enhancement efforts. It is for this reason that our 1% for the Fish initiative is proud to help support the Tofino Hatchery and it’s hard working staff and board members. On another note, the Clayoquot Salmon Round table has been reinstated has made noticeable progress made recently in having common stakeholders come together to petition to have a Clayoquot Salmon status and limiting factors workshop conducted to identify where the potential missing research and data may be present, all in an attempt to better understand the current situation and what can be done to improve the sustainability and restoration of local chinook salmon.

In it’s first year, the Tofino Fishing Charter Fleet, 1% for the Fish initiative raised over $6000 with hopes to grow contributions from other charter related businesses and tourism related businesses in the future.

Get Involved in Tofino Salmon Conservation

Please contact Blake Klopfenstein:
toll free at 18557263828
email us at

Blake Klopfenstein 
Owner/ head guide 
Cleanline Sportfishing, 
Tofino, B.C.

Tofino Winter Fishing

Spot Prawns and Dungeness Crab – November through April

November through April is a great time to head out into the fiord inlets of Clayoquot Sound and pull the prawn traps. Spot prawns are fantastic table fare, you can saute them in butter and garlic or eat them raw with soya and Wasabi. However you like your prawns a sportfishing charter is the only way to get fresh BC Prawns prior to the commercial opening in May. We are set up with a power prawn trap puller.  You are welcome to help out as much or as little as you like.

Dungeness Crabs while available year round in the Tofino harbour, are particularity abundant during the winter months. Pulling the crab traps is interesting and entertaining for the whole family and can be quite productive. Trilogy Fish Company can steam your crab at their dockside shop or you can take them back to your place and boil them up!

Winter Chinook fishing or Rockfish jigging can be incorporated into your prawning adventure. Typically we fish through a slack tide before or after we check the traps.

Please give us a call or an email if you would like further information or would like to set up a charter.

Tofino Fish Guides