Dolphin Motel

Tofino motel: 14 rooms and suites. 5 minute walk to Chesterman Beach. Kitchens, BBQ, spacious grounds, central location, on bike/walking path. Sleeps 2-6/room. $70-$159/night. Tofino. 250.725.3377

Tofino Photography

Professional Tofino Photography since 1986. Wildlife and Landscapes. Custom photography. Committed to the preservation of wildlife in this unique biosphere. Find us at the Tofino Public Market. Tofino.

Tofino Hot Springs

Learn all about the Tofino Hot Springs in the GTC Tofino Beaches & Trails Section. The Trip. The Boardwalk. The Hot Spring Pools. Hot Springs Cove. What To Bring and more…