Tofino Rainforest Trail

Tofino Rainforest Trail

The Tofino Rain Forest Trail consists of two separate loops. Although both pass through the same type of forest, each trail has its own distinctive character. While the routes are not difficult the boardwalk may be slippery in sections – please watch your step while hiking these trails.

The boardwalk of the Rain Forest Trail goes into the heart of the forest.

The Rain Forest Trail has interpretive plaques that explain the stages of a rain forest, the life within it and it’s importance to the planet. There are some very big trees on both routes. Information about the life of a rainforest is found along the trail.

Tofino Rainforest Trail Loop A

Tofino Rainforest Trail Loop A

Distance: 1 km loop

Babbling brook. Enter a rain forest and discover a new world. The vegetation is dense with cedar, hemlock, fir, moss, ferns, shrubs and young tree seedlings. Aged trunks, which crashed earthward hundreds of years ago, criss-cross the forest floor. To pass by these fallen giants is to walk through past centuries, for some of these trees were well established seedlings before the first white people saw the coast of North America. Tiny chickadees and kinglets explore the upper levels of the rain forest and in Sandhill Creek salmon come to spawn. In the fall the creek gives meaning to the words “babbling brook ” – it’s a wonderful, peaceful sound that accompanies you along the way.

An easy boardwalk starts Rain Forest A. Big trees line the boardwalk. So close you can touch them. There are steps are along the boardwalk of Rain Forest A. Looks for ferns, mosses, trees, birds, bugs and fungi. The ground seems a little closer on Rain Forest A. The boardwalk looks small next to many of the trees.