Tofino Shorepine Bog Trail

Tofino Shorepine Bog Trail

Small bogs are a type of forest that make up part of Long Beach National Park. Bogs are found in cool, moist regions once covered by glaciers. On this trail one walks on a level boardwalk that rests upon the bog surface – no posts were driven into the sphagnum moss that carpets the forest floor. This is a delicate and fascinating environment so be careful, five minutes of carelessness can undo twenty-five years of natural development. Please stay on the boardwalk and refrain from picking any of the wild plants or flowers. This trail is wheelchair accessible and pets are allowed provided they keep their owners on a leash. An informational booklet is provided at the beginning of the trail. You can stroll the short boardwalk in about twenty minutes or spend hours sitting on the benches taking in this unique setting. Enjoy.