Tofino! Not Just For Summer Anymore

Tofino Winter Storm Watching. Big Waves, Wild Storm Watching, Surfing, Sunshine, Beaches...

North Chestie!

Fresh Air

Winter Waves

Blowing Up


Tofino Local Hanging Out

What Locals Love About West Coast Winters

“Hypnotizing swell, the hum of locals bustling around, and bursts of sunshine when you least expect it – that’s what makes us love winter here on the west coast.”  Staff at Pacific Surf Co. 

“I love the winter ocean, wild waves, windy days, white foam swirling around rocks, such raw beauty – food for the soul.”  Dian at Reef Point Oceanfront B&B in Ucluelet

“Love the giant winter waves at North Chesterman and kamakaze surfers. And those winter weeks of sunshine and 12°. (Oh-oh is that a secret?)” Tim at Nalu House

“Coming out of the frigid water after a surf to the warm refuge of a cozy room – exhausted and content.” Staff at Cox Bay Beach Resort

“I love the rough and rugged ocean of Tofino winter. Feeling alive and connected with mother nature. In winter Tofino shows its pure raw colours.” Estuardo at Tofino Surf Adventures

“Like fresh Spot Prawns and Dungeness Crab? We do! Enjoy the calm waters of Clayoquot Sound aboard our comfortable vessel the ‘Red Sky’.” Lochie at Tofino Fish Guides

“Getting in my boat on the clear days and running up to welcome back the swans and sea lions in the Sound and then booting back for the early sunsets.” Wayne at Tofino Photography

“Dressing my dog in fun coats, pulling on my sticky 5/4 wetsuit to surf and later bundling up and walking the beach with friends, kids, dogs and hot tea.” Jayun at GTC

Tofino Winter Fishing

Steelhead, Chinook, Prawns and Crab – October through April

Tofino Fish Guides

November through April is a great time to head out into the fiord inlets of Clayoquot Sound and pull the prawn traps. Spot prawns are fantastic table fare, you can saute them in butter and garlic or eat them raw with soya and Wasabi. A sportfishing charter is the only way to get fresh BC Prawns prior to the commercial opening in May. We are set up with a power prawn trap puller. Dungeness Crabs while available year round in the Tofino harbour, are particularity abundant during the winter months. Pulling the crab traps is interesting and entertaining for the whole family. Winter Chinook fishing or Rockfish jigging can be incorporated into your prawning adventure, fishing through a slack tide before or after we check the traps. Please contact us for information. Lochie Tofino Fish Guides

Tofino Winter Surf Lessons

Tofino Surf Lessons in the Winter – You Bet!

Pull on a warm winter wetsuit and learn to surf in Tofino winter waves. Experience the Tofino surf and feel exhilarated riding the waves during the pure raw energy that is Tofino winter. That’s another reason we live here.

Top Five Reasons to Learn to Surf in Tofino in Winter.

  1. The water is less crowded and you’ll be out in the water with locals who love to surf.
  2. Your group lessons will be smaller and you’ll get lots of attention and tips from the instructors.
  3. Most Tofino Surf Shops offer winter specials (Tofino Surf Adventures sure does!)
  4. The beach, village and locals are more laid-back enjoying the relaxed vibe and energizing storms.
  5. Bragging rights! Cold water surfing is for the truly committed and that’s you.
  6. Bonus Reason: Hot tubs and dinners are so much better after a Tofino Winter Surf!

Lots More Tofino Winter Photos!

Tofino Storm Watching

Tofino Storm Watching

Tofino Storms = Liquid Fireworks

Tofino Winter Beaches, Tofino Storm Watching

Tofino Winter Beaches

Tofino Beaches. Rain or Shine.

Tofino Winter Surfing

Fresh Air, Big Waves, Friendly Vibe

Tofino Winter Wildlife. Eagles, Sea Lions, Orcas

Tofino Winter Wildlife

Hello Sea Lions! Eagles, Orcas…

Tofino Winter Surfing Photos courtesy of O’Neill Cold Water Surf. Remember that??  All Other Photos – Tofino Photography and