About Tofino, BC, Canada

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Vincente Tofiño de San Miguel

Tofino, BC, is named after Vincente Tofiño de San Miguel of Spain whose students explored Clayoquot Sound in the late 1700’s. We love the name Tofino.

Get Married in Tofino

Get married in Tofino. Go all the way in Tofino with a Tofino Wedding. Start your life together on the beach, in a rainforest, or in a boat on an ocean.

The Story of Tofino

Tofino, BC, Canada has a rich story of First Nations traditions, Spanish exploration, Canadian environmentalism. Many thanks to local Ken Gibson.

Tofino Map 1787

John Meares Tofino map 1787. Much is still the same as it was then. See the original version with 2010 details included. Thanks Ken!

Road to Tofino 1929

Gertrude Jackson wrote a newspaper article in 1929 ‘Plea for Extension of West Coast Road from Sproat Lake to Tofino’. Very cool to read.

Clayoquot Hotel 1920s

Clayoquot Hotel was the first Tofino resort in the 1920s. Now the Clayoquot Island Preserve, the island is open to the public May long weekend.

Tofino Clayoquot Townsite

Clayoquot Townsite Tofino 1910. The name changed to Tofino in 1910. A street plan was drawn up and the rest is Tofino’s legacy.

Clayoquot Island/Stubbs Island

Clayoquot Island is also known as Stubbs Island. Dawley Hotel. Sandy Beaches. Clayoquot Gardens. Tour Clayoquot Island every long May weekend.

About Tofino Origins

Tofino had some exciting origins. First National Peoples. Spanish explorers. Europeans. And now all of us rocking Tofino and loving it! Tofino, BC, Canada.