About Tofino, BC, Canada

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The Tonquin Ship 1811

The Tonquin Ship was in Clayoquot Sound in 1811. A situation developed between those aboard the ship and the local First Nations people.

Building The Adventure 1792

Building the ship The Adventure in Tofino, BC in 1791. A sloop built on Meares Island over the winter. Many thanks to Ken Gibson.

The Argonaut 1790

The Argonaut ship was grounded on shore in 1790. First Nations people towed the ship into deeper water and saved the ship from danger.

Sleeping Beauty!

Tofino Sleeping Bear. It’s rare to see a bear sleeping but Tofino Photography is a friend of Tofino bears. This is so sweet! We love bears.

Tofino Chart 1786

This 1786 Tofino chart was carried by Captain Barkley during his exploratory voyages through Clayoquot Sound. Ken Gibson offers description.

Beaches, Roads, Bikes, Stories

Tofino had some exciting origins. First National Peoples. Spanish explorers. Europeans. And now all of us rocking Tofino and loving it! Tofino, BC, Canada.

Tofino Events

GoTofino.Com Tofino Events Website is dedicated to presenting the most complete list of Tofino events. Tofino Festivals, Surf Comps, Music…

Tofino Monks Point

Tofino Monks Point in Jeopardy. District of Tofino announced today that negotiations are stalled. The property is in danger of being lost to the public.

Tofino Bears

Tofino Bears. Black bears frequent the wilderness of Tofino and Vancouver Island. We are in their home and must respect their right to live safely.