About Tofino, BC, Canada

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Tofino Emergency Info

Tofino emergency info: be as prepared as possible to act responsibly. The world is full of unexpected situations. Tofino emergency info = safe actions.

Tofino Emergency Grab Bags

Tofino Emergency Grab Bags. Be ready to grab and go with bags packed with essentials. Keep Tofino emergency grab bags close. Loved ones, shoes, bag, go!

Tofino Bear Aware

Bears Live in Tofino. Be Tofino Bear Aware. Keep Bears Safe. This is their home. Bears are beautiful animals who don’t wish anyone any trouble.

Tofino Winter: Prepare!

Tofino winter storms can create personal safety issues. It’s best to be prepared so that you can weather the storms with a smile.

Tofino Thanksgiving

Tofino Thanksgiving is an exciting and packed weekend where people celebrate the summer bounty and fall harvest of food and waves!