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Tofino Beaches

Origins of the Tofino, BC, Canada Settlement

Initially the European settlement was centered on Clayoquot Island, just off the shore of present-day Tofino village. Soon, the residents moved across the water to the peninsula where there was more land. By 1913 Tofino was an established settlement for Europeans who joined the First Nations peoples looking to living in this beautiful environment. In 2014 people from all over the world come to Tofino to live, vacation and experience the super natural world of rainforests, ocean and wildlife. We welcome you to hang with the locals and chill west coast style.

Road To Tofino

Road Links Tofino, BC, Canada to Outside World

In the 1950’s a logging road was built from Port Alberni (or Port as locals call it). Tourists were eager to visit the beautiful setting of Tofino and the road could be accessed on weekends. Adventurous tourists made the trip along the gravel road to Tofino – even then Tofino was known for it’s supernatural environment. In 1972 the road was paved. And today we all use that same road to drive to Tofino. In Tofino you are at the end of the Trans-Canada Highway, check out the sign at Tofino’s First Street Dock. Learn more here: The Road To Tofino Post.

Tofino Bike Path

Tofino Bike Path or MUP

One great community resource the village offers is our bike path or multi-user path (MUP) that connects the beaches, local neighbourhoods and the downtown village. The path is level and separate from the vehicle road, running parallel to it. Bikers, skateboarders, walkers, runners, and dogs (walking their humans) share the path making it a place to meet neighbours and friends.

Tofino Stories

Cool Stories About Tofino, BC, Canada

Ken Gibson is a long-time resident of Tofino and an invaluable source of local information. He has been kind enough to share many of his chronicles of Tofino with us and we have posted them for your reading and enjoyment. This West Coast of Canada is an amazing place and the people who made it their home in the early days are equally as fascinating. Check out the Tofino Stories by Ken Gibson on our Tofino Blog.