Tofino Bear Aware

Bears Live in Tofino. Be Bear Aware. Keep Bears Safe.

It is Important to Limit The Odour Attraction for Bears and All Wildlife

If You See a Bear
1. Go indoorsDo Not Run from the bear.
2. Alert your neighbours and make sure that the items listed below are properly stored in your home.

Bear-Proof Your Home
1. Store garbage in a wildlife resistant enclosure until morning of pick-up.
2. Place garbage at curb in a wildlife resistant container on morning of pick-up.
3. Turn compost regularly.
4. Fruit trees: Pick ripe and fallen fruit daily. Remove unused fruit trees.
5. BBQ: Burn off the grill after each use. Empty and clean grease trap. Store covered and in a secure area.
6. Pet Food: Bring pet dishes inside and clean up any spillage. Store pet food indoors.
7. Bird Feeders: Make sure they are inaccessible to bears. Last fall, GoTofino.Com had a young bear walk across our deck, climb up on the railing and try and scoop the hummingbird feeder. We clapped out hands and the bear fled. Then we took in the hummingbird feeder for a few nights.