Tofino Bears

Tofino Bear Safety

Black bears and cougars frequent the wilderness of Tofino and Vancouver Island. Remembering that we are in their home and respecting their right to it is the first step in both bear and cougar safety.

About Tofino Black Bears

* Weigh up to 600 pounds
* Nearly five feet long
* May be black to brown
* May also be cinnamon to blond
* Often white patch at throat

* Short Claws (still very big)
* Eat berries, grass, roots, fish, carrion
* Eat other mammals they catch
* Prefer bushy areas
* Inhabit every type of terrain:
* Beaches, forests, streams
* Grassland, subalpine meadows

* Like open spaces in forests
* Like berries and succulent plants
* Love salmon
* Congregate near fish bearing water
* Black bears on Vancouver Island
* Grizzlies do not inhabit the island

Top Ten Bear Tips
1. Watch for bear signs
2. Never approach a cub
3. Be careful near berry patches
4. Be careful at banks of streams
5. Never approach fresh kill
6. Carry a noisemaker
7. Travel with others
8. Leave your pet at home or close by your side
9. Keep food in a bear-proof cache
10. Be careful in high winds
11. Use unscented body products