Tofino Chart 1786

1786 Tofino Chart

French Chart of Tofino, Circa 1786

Carried by Captain Barkley during his exploratory voyages in Clayoquot Sound.

This is a French chart of Tofino that Capt Barkley had. The point in the centre being Grice point .. A vessel entering comes from the SW (left side or outer harbour). Note the landscape or tree line corresponds with Wickaninnish Island on the left. Alfred’s beach sand bar & the anchorage at Duffrin–Then Clayoquot island ..Directly off the point the profile shows Monks Bluff and Low land at west street and to the NE is Round Island with “Grand Village” at the base of theFirst Nations settlement.

The giant sandbar with Dead Man’s Isle with Lone Cone on the left and Colnett to the right. The view shown on the right of the plan is over Vargas Island and beyond.

The black rock at the very bottom is in the gap with Armitages Point back on the left side again. The two islse on the left bottom are Strawberry Island and the nearby rock pile. The higher hills are down toward “six mile ” and Vargas Cone. Barr’s mt is on what appears to be a bearing line that is close to north south ( at that time charts or maps didn’t have to be north at the top of the page) There are three anchorages shown. It may-be that the profiles or view’s are meant to be read from these site’s.

Ken Gibson


GoTofino.Com is grateful to Ken Gibson, a long-time resident of Tofino and an invaluable source of local information, for this article about Tofino and Clayoquot Sound.