Tofino Emergency Grab Bags

Tofino Emergency Grab Bags

Emergency Grab Bags are bags that you can grab and go. Keep them by your bed or by a door so they are ready when you are to make a quick exit. There are adult bags and supplementary Seniors, Disabled, Infant and Pet Bags. If you feel that there are additional items that are important, pack them and send us an email so we can add them to the lists below.

Adult Tofino Emergency Grab Bags

Have a Grab & Go Bag for each person in the house.
Keep it by your bed or near a door. If you need to evacuate, grab your bag and go.

  1. Flashlight, batteries, and light sticks
  2. Portable radio and batteries
  3. Keys (house and car)
  4. Money (coins and bills)
  5. Glasses, contacts lenses and solutions
  6. Medications (at least one-week supply)
  7. Comfortable shoes, two pairs of socks
  8. Comfortable clothing (sweats, extra underwear)
  9. Jacket or sweatshirt and hat/toque. [Warm one and rainproof.]
  10. Whistle (call for help if trapped)
  11. Pocket knife
  12. Paper and pencil
  13. Emergency phone list, out-of-state contact numbers
  14. Lists of people to notify if you are injured
  15. Copies of important documents: insurance, identification, social security,etc.
  16. Small first aid kit
  17. Toilet articles: comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, washcloth, face towel, shampoo, lotion, razor, lip balm, emery board, nail clipper, sanitary products, tissue, sunscreen, etc.
  18. Toilet paper
  19. Zip-lock bags, plastic grocery bags
  20. Good book, playing cards, crossword puzzles
  21. Work gloves, several pairs of latex gloves
  22. Blanket
  23. Dust mask
  24. Crow bar (may need to remove debris)
  25. Drinking water – store in a separate place (minimum one gallon per person)
  26. Food Snacks (granola bars, trail mix, peanut butter)

No matter what you’re wearing – these bags have got you covered for an emergency. Just grab your bag and head for a safe place.

Seniors/Disabled Persons Tofino Emergency Grab Bags

These items are in addition to the Adult Grab & Go Bag. Have a Grab & Go Bag for each person in the house.  Keep it by your bed or near a door. If you need to evacuate, grab your bag and go.

  1. Food for special diet needs
  2. Batteries for hearing aids, wheelchair, etc.
  3. List of style and serial # of medical devices
  4. Special supplies: oxygen, catheters, etc.
  5. Prescriptions for eyeglasses (not older than one year)
  6. Personal sanitary items (Depends, disposable bags, ties, wipes)

For guide dogs see Pet Grab & Go Bag.

Infant and Toddler Tofino Emergency Grab Bags

These items are in addition to the Adult Grab Bag.

  1. Formula, disposable bottles, nipples
  2. Diapers and wipes
  3. Instant baby cereal
  4. Bowl and spoon
  5. Sunscreen
  6. At least two changes of clothes
  7. Light jacket
  8. Thermometer
  9. Medicine dropper
  10. Pedialite, electrolyte replacement solution
  11. Tylenol, Triaminic and other medications
  12. Firm soled slippers or shoes
  13. Toys, books, stuffed animals
  14. Authorization to Consent to Treatment of Minor Form

Pet Tofino Emergecny Grab Bags

Keep your Pet Grab Bag in an easily accessible location near your own emergency supplies.

  1. Food, water – 3-day supply for each pet
  2. Bowls – non-spillable
  3. Collar and leash -for dogs and cats
  4. Muzzle
  5. Poop scooper, bags
  6. Treats, toy
  7. Blanket, towel, or newspaper for warmth
  8. ID tag should always be on pet
  9. Extra name tag
  10. License number
  11. Pet carrier or crate for each pet labelled with pet and owner’s information (keep near your bag).
  12. Name, address and phone number of veterinarian, animal control agency and shelters.
  13. People to contact to take care of the animal
  14. Vaccination and medical records. Keep inoculations current. In an emergency, pets may come in contact with diseased animals.
  15. Allergy or other special instructions

Pet First Aid Kit

  1. Scissors
  2. Gauze pads
  3. Wipes
  4. Instant cold pack
  5. Adhesive tape
  6. Tweezers
  7. Soap
  8. Antiseptic cream
  9. Eye drops