Road to Tofino 1929


Plea for Extension of West Coast Road from Sproat Lake to Tofino by Gertrude Jackson, 1929

Printed in The Daily Colonist, Victoria BC Sunday December 1, 1929

Here are some highlights from Gertrude Jackson’s writing:

“…At the present time communication is restricted to three boats a month…”

“…nowhere else can there be found twelve miles of clean hard sand free from all obstacles…What possibilities when made accessible by road.” [Long Beach]

“…majestic scenery of canyons and gorges. The mountains are very steep and reach an elevation of 4,000 feet…”

“…could become a popular Summer resort with golf…hiking, boating and surfboard riding, the latter providing a thrill that is hard to excel.”

“…One of the most talked of attractions at the beach is the wonderful marine gardens that are to be seen among the reefs at low tide…”

“…In spite of the inadequacy of the transportation in the past, Long Beach has had many visitors, some walking thirty miles in order to see what others had told them of.

One writer in my visitors’ book breaks out into the following verse:

‘A thousand leagues of ocean roll in haste

This splendid goal of gleaming sand to reach

In order that my famished soul might taste

The magic fascination of the beach.’

We on Vancouver Island should become more conscious that the West Coast is part of British Columbia; that we have commercial possibilities, natural resources and scenic beauty on this coast of ours equal to that of any place in Canada. Why should our money and tourist go away when we have so much to be proud of at home?”


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Plea for Extension of West Coast Road from Sproat Lake to Tofino by Gertrude Jackson, 1929