Tofino Weddings

Get Married in Tofino. Plan It Yourself! On a Beach. On a Boat. In a Forest. On a Surfboard! Your Wedding – Your Style!

Reef Point Oceanfront B&B

Elopement Weddings! Luxurious, five star, oceanfront suites. Gourmet breakfasts, romantic getaways. Hot tub, kitchenettes, decks. Clifftop location. Sleeps 2. $185-$265 per night. Ucluelet. 1.877-726-1230

Tofino Weddings: From Simple to Grand – It’s All About You!

The great news about choosing Tofino for your wedding is that you can easily arrange it all yourself. Oh and the beaches, the great accommodations, pre-wedding activities, food, and all Tofino wishing you well!

We are ready to help you plan your wedding and get you married in style – whatever style you’d like. We love small weddings, big weddings and elopements. And for pre-wedding parties no place like the ocean to get away from it all and get your groove on – Call HYMAX for their special wedding fishing trips, book a surf lesson, or kayak into the sound and float into the bliss.

Accommodation providers and catering companies are here to help you plan that perfect marriage ceremony and food to celebrate. GoTofino.Com has talked with people from all over the world who have come here to get married. People from the Canadian prairies, the California desert, South America, France, Germany, Sweden, Texas… and we loved hearing about each one. Yes, we love weddings and believe in marriage.

So if you are looking for a place where the entire town will be excited, you’ve come to the right place.

And for a quiet, sweet and joyful elopement – no problem Reefpoint Oceanfront B&B in Ucluelet is magical. But shhhh, it’s a secret ;)


Tofino British Columbia Weddings: Apply for a Tofino Marriage Licence

Okay you wanna get married in Tofino – Yes!
You need a marriage licence – no problem, just check our tips below.

Where: Tofino Municipal Hall
When: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
How Long: About 20 minutes and you’re set for the rest of your life!

 10 Steps to a Tofino Marriage Licence

1.  Have $100 Canadian ready: cash or interac.

2. Complete the marriage licence application.

3.  Walk away with a marriage license!

4.  You have 3 months to get married – go for it.

5.  One of you has to apply in person.

6.  Just takes one of you to apply.

7.  Okay, you gotta be 19+ years old.

8.  Divorced? No problem if over 31 days. Need papers if less than 31 days.

9.  Show ID.

10. Rock on! You’re getting married!

Application Info for a Tofino Marriage Licence

Full Name, including given names | Birth Date | Birth Place | Martial Status | Current Address

Having a Tofino Beach Wedding – Great – Couple of Notes

· Party on – no special use permit is needed to get married on a Tofino beach
· Keep it real – Tents or structures not to be erected on the beach
· Alcohol should only be enjoyed off the beach
· Beaches in Tofino are all public property so others people will be around and may smile a lot at you!