Best Tofino Events

Locals are always flying off to one Tofino event or another!

Tofino Lantern Festival – August

Tofino Lantern Festival is held every August

The Tofino Lantern Festival is the Tofino Botanical Gardens’ ‘signature’ community event and fundraiser, drawing the young and old with an unbelievable variety of hand made lanterns. The Tofino Lantern Festival was born in 2001 and since then has grown to feature local musicians and artists and includes a ‘permanent collection’ of locally-created West Coast lanterns. Many of these lanterns are modeled on local flora and fauna, such as mushrooms, sharks, flowers, fish, owls, banana slugs, and trees, but there is also a village worth of houses, a constellation of stars, a galaxy of planets, a yard of recycling lanterns and much, much more. And best of all, each year new lanterns are created and paraded around the garden trails by children and ‘children-at-heart.’ Don’t miss this magical, candle-lit celebration of West Coast culture!

Photo from Raincoast Education Society who bring you the Tofino Lantern Festival and other great programs in Tofino, BC, Canada