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Surf’s Up, Tofino, BC – September

About Surf’s Up – Tofino Surf Camp – September

Tofino Surfing for children and families living with Autism.

Surf’s Up takes place in Tofino BC where children and families living with Autism come together and enjoy a day out on the beach and in the water surfing. Smiles are plentiful and laughs are contagious. Enjoy the Aloha Spirit!

Please note: We are not promoting surfing as a form of Autism treatment.

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Sponsored by RipCurl

Surf’s Up was started in 2012 by the Dennis Nerpio, Harmony House Cares and Rip Curl as a unique experience for children and families who face the ongoing challenges of living with Autism. The idea was started from Dennis Nerpio’s own experiences with his son. The two spent time surfing in Tofino and his son took to the activity very well. The ocean’s soothing embrace allowed for development as well as a break from the day to day challenges facing his son and his family. Dennis decided he wanted to share this experience with others like him. He reached out to Rip Curl and Harmony House Cares to help him achieve this dream. A year later we stood on North Chesterman’s Beach in Tofino, BC with 12 families, with the support of local surf instructors, and therapists the children were surfing and for and we were living our dream of creating a day to ‘hang 10′ for children and families living with Autism. This year our goal has grown to 36 families from Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.
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