Wayne Barnes, Photographer

I fell in love with photography in 1973 and took a two year post-secondary course in my home town of Peterborough, Ontario. Cameras and technology have changed since the 70s refining the colour and detail of photographs: Those technical advances have only added to my joy of lining up the shot and capturing a moment in time. As a professional photographer, I have been constant in my goal of exploring nature through photography – and each time I go out I learn something new. 

In 1990 my travels lead me to British Columbia where I found my new home in Tofino. The natural beauty is a photographer’s dream. I have focused my eye on the magnificent wildlife that lives in and travels through Clayoquot Sound and the majestic scenery of the beaches and ocean of Tofino. My relationship with wildlife and nature has been rewarding for my photography – and for my growth as a naturalist and human being.

I hope someday you get to visit Tofino and let the Canadian West Coast feed your soul. If you do, please get in touch!





The Beginning of A Friendship

It was 2005 and Meron from GoTofino.Com was just getting her feet wet with digital photography. Literally getting her feet wet as she roamed the beaches and trails looking for the best shots. She stumbled (again literally) upon a tall man wearing high gumboots. He had that assured gentleness of a man in his domain who listens to nature and respects everything he hears. He was also carrying a camera. And a friendship was born.

Fast forward to 2019 and that professional photographer, Wayne Barnes of Tofino Photography, and Meron are still fast friends.




Tofino Gallery – The Life of Clayoquot Sound

Blending Wayne Barnes’ amazing photography and Meron’s tech skills into a photography gallery was a natural progression of their many previous adventures. No one knows Clayoquot Sound like Wayne Barnes. The wildlife, the weather, the beauty and the peace keep him alive.

Wayne Barnes is the contact person for the gallery and the person you will be conversing with about orders.

Meron is focused on a new project that takes her here, there and everywhere.

But no matter where these two are in the world they are always checking in by video or email. And then having a laugh riot when they meet up again in Tofino.




Thank You for Visiting the Tofino Gallery

We would like to thank all our friends in Tofino who have supported us over the years.

And Thank You for visiting the site. Drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you.

And if you’re visiting Tofino, please drop by and say hi to Wayne at the summer market in beautiful downtown Tofino. He’ll be happy to meet you.