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The Tofino Gallery uses individual order forms on each page Why? Because then we don’t have to pay a fancy smancy company to process a shopping cart. We save money and pass those savings on to you. Also we like to engage with our customers, not be a faceless, nameless fulfilment department.


When you send us your order, we will:

1. Contact you with the total cost. Purchase price plus shipping.

2. Give you an estimate of when we expect to bike down to the post office and mail your photo.

3. Send you a link to pay for your purchase by credit card / paypal, cheque or if within Canada, an etransfer.

4. Send you a tracking number for your package.

5. Once we see the package has been delivered we will send you a Thank You / Enjoy Your Photograph! email.

6. At anytime you may contact us for information – we love to hear from our customers.



The Tofino Gallery accepts payment by credit card / paypal or if you live within Canada, by etransfer.

Still in the world of paper cheques – no problem, we can deal with those too :))



Even before we ship your photos, we carefully package them so they will be safe on the journey.

The first leg of shipping is covered by bicycle down to our local post office in Tofino. Then Canada Post takes over from there. Your package will receive a tracking number and that number will be sent to your contact email address. Then you can track the delivery date of your new photograph.

Once we receive your order we will calculate the shipping charges to your door. Then we will email you the total cost of your order and have you confirm it.



Want to give a Tofino Photography photograph to someone as a gift? Nice.

We will work with you to make your gift special by sending the photograph to them, along a card wishing the receiver peace and joy or any words you would like us to include. We love doing this – we’re just romantics at heart – so just check this is a gift on the order form and we’ll get in touch with you about the occasion and how you’d like it to all happen.



If you need to return a photograph because it was damaged in the mail or it didn’t quite suit your space as you thought it would – email us! We’ll be happy to arrange for replacement. Each return is done according to its own merits.


Ask Wayne

We get many questions from people from around the world. Send us your question and Wayne will do his best to answer it!


Question: What animals can I expect to photograph in and around Tofino?

Wayne: Tofino has a great variety of animals on the land,air and water. Bears are very popular. Eagles are everywhere. You just need to walk the beaches looking up into the trees. If you’re lucky you’ll see whales from the beaches too. Herons, shore birds, anemones, sea stars, wind sailors, otters, osprey… Wolves are there but are shy so if you see one you’ll be very lucky.



Question: When is the best time of year to take great wildlife shots in Tofino?

Wayne: Year round. Whales and shore birds migrating during spring and fall: Bears during the summer and into fall; Eagles year round. And during the winter I have my favourite spots to photograph the famous and fabulous west coast storms.



Question: When is the best time of day to take photographs in Tofino?

Wayne: The best time to take pictures is at sunrise and sunset. Horizontal light is the best! Tofino is best for sunsets as the mountains to the east block the sunrise.



Question: How do you recommend to take pictures of animals?

Wayne: I use a lens with at least a 400 mm focal length to begin with. Then talk a walk along the Tofino beaches, hang out at the wildlife platform overlooking the inlet or come out with me in my zodiac. You’ll see lots of wildlife.



Question: Are there whales in Tofino year round?

Wayne: Whales are transient visitors to Tofino.You never know exactly when one might swim by. The best time for whales is during spring and fall migration. In springs whales swim past Tofino around mid-March heading northward to the Bering sea. In fall they reverse their trip. But whale sightings can happen during the summer to. When they do all the phones in Tofino will be ringing as everyone calls each other to share the good news!



Question: What kind of birds are around Tofino?

Wayne: Shore birds migrate through Tofino in both the spring and fall. Tofino is home to Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, Cormorants, Hawks, Oystercatchers…



Question: Where are the best places to photograph bears during spawning season?

Wayne: Any salmon bearing stream will attract bears. Thornton Creek hatchery outside of Ucluelet offers visitors a chance to view bears during spawning season.



Question: When is salmon spawning season?

Wayne: From September to late November. Peaking in mid-October.



Question: Do you take people out for photograph trips?

Wayne: I certainly do. Please contact me about arranging a wildlife photography trip in my zodiac — or for larger groups I can arrange a larger vessel.



Question: When is the best time to take aerial pictures?

Wayne: One hour before sunset.Make sure before you go up that there are not going to be any clouds in the west. This will give you the best light.



Question: Do I need a expensive camera to take great shots?

Wayne: No, photography is about being at the right place at the right time. A simple camera can capture beautiful photographs. Having an expensive camera with different lenses does make a difference – but only if you know how to use it! Photography is about your vision and that takes dedication and learning to see – truly see what is right in front of us.



Ordering  |  Payment  |  Shipping  |  Gift  |  Returns  |  Ask Wayne