Tofino Bears – Canadian Black Bears in Tofino

We love Tofino Bears. They are our neighbours and don’t bother anyone.

Tofino Bears - West Coast Canadian Black Bears

Tofino Bears – West Coast Canadian Black Bears

Tofino Bears are in the cool kids group!

Black bears make their home in Tofino. These beautiful wild animals can be observed from the safety of a wilderness cruise. it is important to keep both bears and people safe and, as with any wild animal, this means not feeding them. How big is a black bear? Pretty gosh darn huge – they can weigh 600 pounds and be nearly five feet long and while mostly black they can also be brown, cinnamon and blond. We have only seen black and brown so if you see a lighter coloured one you are very lucky. While bears dine out on slamon in the fall, they are largely vegetarian eating berries, grass, plants and roots. Bears can be anywhere: in forests, on beaches and by streams, so keep your eyes open for them during your visit to Ucluelet Wild Pacific.

And here’s a primer on what to do to avoid getting in their way: (1) Watch for signs of bear – scat being one good sign (2) Never approach a cub (3) Be careful near berry patches and at streams (4) Never go near fresh kill (5) Carry a noisemaker or enjoy a loud conversation when out hiking (6) Keep your pet close when hiking. (7) If you see one by the highway pull completely off the road – nothing like coming around a corner and seeing a car stopped in the middle of the road looking at a bear! (8) Be mindful of high winds that may prevent a bear from picking up your scent to avoid you. (9) Enjoy bears from a distance and respect their right to this land – this is their home.

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