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Day trip up to the Tofino Hot Springs. Enjoy ocean, forest and mountain view and soak in natural hot springs.

Tofino, BC, Hot Springs Cove, Maquinna Marine Park, Clayoquot Sound Map

Hot Springs

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What To Wear

What to Wear
Like all Tofino Activities wearing the right clothing makes for a fun day no matter what the weather. We recommend you dress in layers and include a rain jacket and hat if the day is overcast. Hiking boots, running shoes or any comfortable shoe is a good idea. Bring your bathing suit and a towel. And sunglasses are always a good thing to have for those bright days. Snacks, drinks or a whole picnic always make us smile. It is a day trip and you’ll have lots of time to kick back and relax. Talk to whomever is taking you on your Hot Springs Trip for any other suggestions they may have so your enjoy every minute of your adventure!

Please Practice 'No Trace' Ethics (Click to read more)

Maquinna Marine Park is a special environment and a semi-wilderness area.
Please practice ‘No Trace’ Ethics which include the following:

Camping – Do not camp inside the park. A private campground is available to the north of the Government wharf.

Hiking – Stay on designated trails and boardwalks. Avoid trampling vegetation. Use caution when walking on the boardwalk and steps: wood may be slippery when wet. Please allow at least 30 minutes to walk the 2 kilometres from the wharf to the springs.

Sanitation – The park is equipped with 2 composting toilets: one at the entrance to the park and one near the hotsprings. Please read the information posted on the inside of the buildings.

Pets – Pets are not allowed on the boardwalk or in the hot springs area. Please observe and obey all signs. Where pets are allowed they must keep their owners on leash at all times.

Hotsprings – Please do not use soap or soap products in or around the springs. Do not use glass bottles and containers in and around the springs.

Emergency Services This is a remote semi-wilderness location. Emergency services are limited. There is no reliable cell phone coverage. In case of emergency contact the Canadian Coast Guard on marine VHF radio channel 16.

Local Hazards 
Black bears and cougars frequent this park. Do not leave food or garbage out in the open. Keep children close. The boardwalk is slippery when wet.

Other Services
Food Store: Marktosis Grocery in Ahousat. Limited supplies available in Hotsprings Village store across the Inlet. Gasoline: Hotsprings Village and Ahousat. Propane: Tofino. Laundromat: Tofino. Nearest RCMP detachment: Ahousat. Canadian Coast Guard VHF Channel 16.